Recent Projects (Timeline)

Here is a timeline of my Recent Projects.

December 2019

TEACHING: Theatre Jazz master classes at Leeming Danceworks in Ottawa. It was so nice returning to the studio I grew up in. Thank you to Sharon Leeming Mann for running such a wonderful environment for young artists!

FILM: “Crossed Wires”. Miscommunication is a topic so understandable when you place a telephone between two people. Evan Webb and I explored this through improvisational movement. Video link here.

I was a guest on the Mountain Movers Podcast, hosted by Jake Myles. Thanks for having me, Jake! Link here.

November 2019

“Not with a bang, but with a whimper” by Alysa Pires (Ryerson Dances 2019)

My classmates and I performed this piece for 8 different audiences, and each time I found new discoveries and opportunities in the movement. It was enjoyable to work on a piece for 2.5 months before sharing it with the Toronto community. I am grateful to have had this piece to close off my final year at Ryerson.

Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

October 2019

Photo by Deivan Steele

Miranda & Caliban workshop

I have been collaborating on a project with my friend Deivan Steele for about half a year now. We organized a 3-day workshop to finally put our concepts into fruition and invited some of our good friends to help. Using material from The Tempest by William Shakepeare, we developed movement for each character and began writing original text. We both exercised the idea of “complete theatre” wherein music, dance and acting can mutually exist onstage. Huge thank you to Maddy Hodges, Sarah Nelson, Judy Luo, Rumi Jeraj and Bobby Markov for being our generous guinea pigs!!

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