Recent Projects (Timeline)

Here is a timeline from my Recent Projects.

Aug 2020

Still from “Ritmos del cosmos”, taken by Nestor Rivera.

DANCE FILM: I choreographed and danced in “Ritmos del cosmos”, a dance film by photographer Nestor Rivera. To watch the film on my YouTube channel, click here.

July 2020

TEACHING: I started teaching dance camp at The Cornerstone Studio. Getting back to teaching (under COVID-19 protocols of course) has been… well… an adjustment, but I’m so grateful to be able to share my passion for dance with young artists.

LIVESTREAM: I was a guest on Ellen Winter‘s Instagram Livestream to promote her new track “Mantras”!! We talk about (Art)versations Podcast, the disgusting heatwave that came over Toronto/NYC that day, and why Ellen included a donation button to support Black Trans Femmes in the Arts. To watch the interview on YouTube, click here.

Photo taken by Ashley Pividor (with photoshop by Jordan Boyle)

ASSISTING: I spent every Thursday in July assisting Rutherford Movement Exchange‘s summer intensive. The classes were taught over Zoom but the sharing and connection was still there. Thank you to our fearless leader Stephanie Rutherford for taking risks and always “finding the joy”!

May 2020

INTERVIEW: The DanceBUG Show had me on their live stream to talk about how I got my start in dance and my time at Ryerson University, with a special performance of my choreography. To watch the whole interview on YouTube, click here.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Before the COVID-19 quarantine took away live shows, I was choreographing a new play written by William Flood as a part of the New Voices Festival at Ryerson University. The festival transferred to an online version with a live stream that happened on May 5. Check out the rehearsal footage and official website here.

Poster design by Evelyn Hodgson.

I GRADUATED UNIVERSITY! After electronically submitting my thesis about podcasting artistic conversations, I can now say I have BFA in Performance Dance. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned at Ryerson’s School of Performance!

April 2020

FILM: “Afternoon of a Frog” was a quick project I put together after hearing about Isaac Powell’s tree frogs in quarantine. I wondered how they were feeling in isolation. Interpret as you like! Check out the Youtube link here.

PODCAST: I was happy to announce that my podcast (Art)versations is back with new episodes and new guests! When the COVID-19 quarantine began, I realized discussion about art was needed more than ever. Check out (Art)versations here!

March 2020

PERFORMING: During my final show at Ryerson, I created and performed a piece called “Love is Dead” wherein I asked the audience to play a game of Mad Libs. When the text was filled in, an audience member came onstage to recite while I improvised movement. The piece was completely different every night which excited me to stay present and loose in my performance. Photos by Maxim Bortnowski; Lighting by Robbie Savage-Herington; Pictured above: Celina D’Orazio.

PODCAST: I was a guest on Verified along with Vania Raquel and Kahvontay Slaughter, hosted by Vanessa Henry. We talk about being an artist in Toronto, turning a hobby into a passion, and even touch upon the popularity of TikTok!! Check out the podcast episode on Apple here and on YouTube here.

February 2020

CHOREOGRAPHY: Deivan Steele and I workshopped an excerpt from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, centering around the relationship between Miranda and Caliban. It was performed as a part of a Works in Progress showing, curated by Melanie Old. Big thank you to our performers: Emma Llewellyn & Bobby Markov. Photos by Maxim Bortnowski

PERFORMING: Kaitlyn Seibold choreographed a piece for a Works in Progress showing, curated by Melanie Old. Myself, Evan Webb, Margaux Labossiere, and Maria Riano performed. Photos by Maxim Bortnowski

December 2019

TEACHING: Theatre Jazz master classes at Leeming Danceworks in Ottawa. It was so nice returning to the studio I grew up in. Thank you to Sharon Leeming Mann for running such a wonderful environment for young artists!

FILM: “Crossed Wires”. Miscommunication is a topic so understandable when you place a telephone between two people. Evan Webb and I explored this through improvisational movement. Video link here.

I was a guest on the Mountain Movers Podcast, hosted by Jake Myles. Thanks for having me, Jake! Link here.

November 2019

“Not with a bang, but with a whimper” by Alysa Pires (Ryerson Dances 2019)

My classmates and I performed this piece for 8 different audiences, and each time I found new discoveries and opportunities in the movement. It was enjoyable to work on a piece for 2.5 months before sharing it with the Toronto community. I am grateful to have had this piece to close off my final year at Ryerson.

Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

October 2019

Photo by Deivan Steele

Miranda & Caliban workshop

I have been collaborating on a project with my friend Deivan Steele for about half a year now. We organized a 3-day workshop to finally put our concepts into fruition and invited some of our good friends to help. Using material from The Tempest by William Shakepeare, we developed movement for each character and began writing original text. We both exercised the idea of “complete theatre” wherein music, dance and acting can mutually exist onstage. Huge thank you to Maddy Hodges, Sarah Nelson, Judy Luo, Rumi Jeraj and Bobby Markov for being our generous guinea pigs!!

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