When duck lips became popular.

Another piece from my archives. I felt lost at this time because I didn’t want to take selfies or push out my hips (I mean lips). I still don’t but now, I can admit it.

Jan 01, 2013


Looking panoramically at the different social circles I visit on a daily basis, I see people who are comfortable with how they act and the choices they decide. They search for normality and feel okay; they never want to feel like an outcast or like people are judging them. And I blame the media. For sure. As promised, proof that I have a world-changing idea is as follows:

Selfies: Like c’mon, I see you almost everyday. Do I need to see you wearing the lips of a duck or looking like an idiot. There is also absolutely no reason to see your arms or your room in the background. NO ONE CARES.