A look back at November 2019…

Thoughtful and committed decisions instead of feelings by which I am overwhelmed.

Beautiful Anonymous Podcast Caller

This is another quote from the Beautiful Anonymous Podcast. The caller talked about how our vices and addictions can overbear our minds and make us decide on bad choices. When I heard this I realized it has a lot to do with anxiety. If I can help it, my thought processes should come from a relaxed place rather than a place of worry. The best thoughts are the ones that make me feel good.

Spring has been awakened

I hope that is the correct grammar for awaken… At the beginning of this month, I began choreographic rehearsals for a May 2020 production of “Spring Awakening”. This musical is being produced by Precipice Productions, directed by William Flood, and being presented at Dancemakers in the Distillery District of downtown Toronto. I am the choreographer and already, I feel so attached to the process. I leave each rehearsal with a sense of accomplishment while also having more questions that need answering. The cast is impeccably chosen and I truly enjoy watching the choices they make for their characters. It’s a playground. ALL PLAY.

Ryerson Dances 2019

Back in September, we started rehearsals for our first semester show and we finally got to present our work to the Toronto community. I was lucky enough to be in “Changing Steps” choreographed by the legendary Merce Cunningham (and staged for our cast by the equally incredible Dylan Crossman). As well, I performed in an original work by Alysa Pires called “Not with a bang, but with a whimper”. Both pieces came with their respective challenges and performing them back-to-back on some nights was tough. In the end, I learned that meditating before a show is the best thing I can do for my mental health onstage. I felt much more present onstage than I usually am and I am grateful for the opportunity to practice that. I was never perfect or close to it, but I felt that I gave my best. Having my family in the audience was the highlight for sure.

No days off…

Looking back at my calendar for this month, my phone displayed to me a month full of dots. I couldn’t believe I had let this month get so crazy especially because I like to give myself at least one day off if I can… It was not a healthy decision to take on so much and I’ll admit that my work lacked in quality because of it. I have learned that saying no to some opportunities, while can be disappointing, is crucial.


SO I HAVE BANGS NOW! I got my hair cut immediately after Ryerson Dances ended and I decided on the spot to cut my usual bob into a bob with bangs! I’m not sure I will keep it this way forever, but I am excited to try a new style. Growing up, I had to keep my hair bang-less for competition dance routines and so now, I wanted to take advantage of my freedom. It’s funny how our hair can say so much about us.

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