Today, he…

Today, he sighed of relief. The back side of his body pressed against the front door, blocking out the partyers who had just left in chaos.

“I thought they would never leeeaavee‚” he said, dragging out the last part of the sentence as he usually does. It adds emotion, he would explain to me. At this point my drunkenness had reached its max point of exhaustion. I was on my knees on the floor right beside the comfy rocking chair. As he walked past me to sit in this chair, I noticed he wasn’t horny for me. There wasn’t a bulge this time. I would have to work for it, and use my god-given talents as a woman. I hate working at it; I want sex to be easy, like popping a pill. Alas, I found some energy and drove it straight to his eyes.

Looking at him above me in the chair. His body covered it whole with a sense of royalty and dignity. We could have fit in at a bougie brothel like the ones in Game of Thrones. I stared down his gaze and brought my hands to his knees. This triggered him to look at my position and realize where our night was going. Slowly and carefully I brought my face near the inside of his leg, brushed my cheek against his jeans and tried to get an arousal out of him. Nothing. He waited for my next move.

Okay, next move would be to use my hands. So I did that. Grabbing and rubbing in the appropriate places. There was a bit of a change after this but I could still feel his guarded energy. I had to REALLY entertain him. So I stood up and strip teased like the girls in porn. All the tricks and treats that I knew off hand. We were still in the main area of my apartment so my roommate could have come in at any moment. I would have to save some things for the bedroom. There, bra and underwear still on, I checked his body language again and found that he had sat up a bit to rest his head on his hands. He wasn’t particularly amused but he watched.

He could sense I didn’t have a next move. Vulnerable as I was, I still felt like I needed to dominate the experience. Be in charge of how the story unfolds. I came over to him and straddled his pelvis to initiate a direct sensation. Maybe he just wasn’t letting himself relax?

‘That’s all I can do on my end‚” I whispered. He chuckled with his head back.

“You’re missing something, though. C’mon… It’s not that hard to think of.”

What did I miss? I was stunned because usually I can get us going in less than a minute.

“Use that brain of yours‚” he joked in my ears, causing me to fill up with desire for him. He knew how to play with me and get me excited.

“Would you rather my hair be down? I can take it out of my ponytail….”

“Kiss me.”

I suddenly realized we had never before. Three weeks of causal sex and talking but no lip action. Shoot, how could I have missed that? Have I become a monster? I showed him a smile and came close to his face like I was supposed to do. The movies always taught me that. When we were millimetres from making contact, I freezes and pressed my lips together. He was stunned now. Aha. I got him.

“Actually, I think we should just hang out tonight. I’m kinda tired anyways and my legs feel—” but I couldn’t finish cause his hands clasped my jawline like a magnetic pull and we felt each other’s mouths. We didn’t have sex that night.