Poros/Athens, Week 4

What makes you unique?

I guess what makes me unique is the length of my eyelashes. I have seen longer lengths than mine but I have always found a sense of confidence with them. It takes me awhile to put mascara on and I have to make sure I give myself the time to do it. I find it nice to feel a sense of security with my eyelashes because I have so many insecurities everywhere else.

What kind of world do you want to see?

One with more love. I think it is a no-brainer that love is the answer to all problems. And it doesn’t have to be romantic or sexual love, but kind, thoughtful or warm love. The more that humans can connect to their capacity to love, the better the world will be on all fronts.

If greed and money didn’t get in the way, I think it would be much easier for humans to love. I’m guilty of that too. I know that feeling accomplished is also a primitive instinct for humans but I think there is value in helping another person. You can find a purpose in the success of others. I know we can.

What would you ask for if a genie gave you three wishes?

  1. A personal chef. I hate cooking. I really don’t know why. It gives me so much anxiety and stress, I would rather someone else choose what I should eat. I understand that it gives some people a great deal of pride to cook, but I feel uneasy about it. The best I can do is pasta and even then, the recipe better be simple.
  2. A lunch date with Julie Andrews. She is my idol and inspiration in my life and career, and it would be an honour to sit down with her for tea. I would ask her about filming The Sound of Music in Austria, about what the industry used to be like, about her favourite song, about her thoughts on religion and purpose, about her darkest thoughts; I have so much to ask. Her elegance and gait amaze me every time I see on the screen. She is perfection.
  3. For my memory to erase after I watch the movie Across the Universe so I can be surprised by its beauty. I absolutely adore this film but I hate the fact that I already know what’s going to happen. The first time I watched it, I felt so changed as an 11-year old. Now, I watch it and find more incredible discoveries but nothing will beat the first time.

What would you do if money were no object?

I think I would donate it to third-world countries and charities that support mental illness. Theses two causes have impacted me the most and they deserve attention from wealthy people. I would be too much pressure for me to have an infinite amount of money so I would want to share it and give back to those who are living with disease and/or physical and mental limitations. There isn’t any material or product that would feel satisfying as a purchase, so I’d rather go about my current life and help others with this crazy wealth.

If I could solve world poverty and still have money, I think I would buy my cottage property and put on parties every summer. Just like Gatsby.

If there was still money to spend, then I would move to New York City and live in my own apartment with two cats. ONLY THEN would I do that.

Who believed in you even when you didn’t?

My counsellor. She has helped me push through a tough year and still keeps me at bay when things are rough. Her support and patience was exactly the kind of help I needed. My family and friends were a big part as well but when it comes down to the dark, disturbing thoughts, I found it more efficient to speak to an unbiased third-party. I don’t want my problems to cloud over the people I care most about.

I lost all hope in living last year. I found life to be difficult every single day and nothing had meaning anymore. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I struggled to keep with my training and studies for most of last year. My counsellor was there to listen to these thoughts and suggest positive thinking exercises to guide me towards the light. I am still recovering from the aftermath of that year. Panic attacks and depressed nights still come over me but they are fewer. I’m so grateful she could be a sense of direction for me.

How are you building your clan?

I think I haven’t built one yet. So I will plan for it.

If I understand this question correctly, a clan or a network or a family is the community of people that I choose to surround myself with. These people should challenge me, encourage me, and respect me as I do the same for them. Right? Because when we talk about friendship, I am past the idea that a friend is just someone who shares a marker with you. A friend has complicated feelings who accepts that I do too.

So, it would be ideal if my clan was made up of my closest friends, my family (and extended), my professors and classmates, my fellow artists who may be more successful than me. and the role models that I look up to. To be a part of a community as crazy as the artistic one is, is a blessing.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

I would say by being a confident woman. As a “minority” (even though we make up half of the population), women are treated as a second position to men. The amount of oppression in our current society tears down the self-esteem of most women. If I stay grounded but proud to be a female, I know things can change. It really only takes one person. I try to be comfortable in my skin and I take independence very seriously. I don’t need another woman to come with me to the bathroom. I don’t need a boyfriend to follow around this world. I can make my own choices and fall in love as much as I want to.

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