To the apartment above mine

I hear the dissonant steps of heeled boots walking along a hallway.

I hear the gentle sounds of piano being played for practice.

I wonder if you are one person, living in a city so full of promise

I wonder if you are two people, romancing each other every night.

I wonder if you are seven people, fitting yourselves together in a small space.

Nonetheless, I gather information about you. Trying to put a face to a voice. Or a personality to a genre of music. Or a gender to a fashion choice.

It’s funny that I feel safe when I hear you’ve arrived home with a door closing. Recalling my family home, I sometimes imagine that you are my parents arriving home after work. I rejoice in having company even though I cannot see your eyes or hands. Please stay above me. Do not feel nervous about sliding heavy furniture across the floor. I am not annoyed by that.

I just want to continue gathering information.