Today, he…

Today, he smiled with absolute excitement. I was ready to pounce and felt his skin long for me. My desire took over and I let him relax on his roommates’ bed.

As I unloaded my stress and gave into temptation, I watched his face loosen back into his skull. It was like his neck muscles had disappeared and the visual he gave me was the sculptured-ness of his collarbones. His shoulder bones were up into his ears and his breathing was roughly loud. My mouth became a warm sock.

Carefully, he removed his shirt and found a sly way for his pelvis to be on top of mine. Now, the roles were reversed. The beauty of our position was only noticeable from afar and from an avid movie-watcher, I got upset that there wasn’t an audience to see it. Nevertheless, I was hooked by him. He somehow filled the hole in my life and made sure to leave no space between us. Giving time for us to breathe, we didn’t kiss until I saw his eyes again. Then, we returned back to what made us get out of bed each day, but there were moments of pause to show the tenderness of our exchange. Partners, but also selfish beings.

We had no time and yet all the time in the world. Rushing to wait awhile. Hurrying up so that the result would be long and slow. What a way to live.

Afterwards, the sleep I experienced beside him had a sort of boring quality to it. It was lame in comparison to when I was awake with him. This was very odd for me, since my obsession with sleep is always prominent. I waited for him to wake up and then gave him my most genuine smile. It just came out. I didn’t even think about it. And he returned the favour. Laughing a bit, we embraced in a different position and sighed in unison. Completely naked under the sheets.

When I stood up my body felt as skinny and as fat as I perfectly wanted it to be. I gave him a look over my shoulder before leaving the bedroom, and I saw him close his eyes as he slumped back to his pillow.

“Get back in here!!”