My Top Ten Internet Characters

I like the kind of Internet when iconic characters can be created and shared with a community of watchers. I wanted to assemble a substantial list of actors that make an incredible effort to perform, even if it’s just on their phone camera.

No one has done this yet! I checked… So, in the style of, I complied the best internet characters that I love to watch on YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. This will be based on comedic ability, originality, and recurrence in videos (the character must appear more than once). Please note, I will not be including vloggers or other personalities that more or less resemble the real-life version of that person. These are characters that were made up by the content creator, and are used for purposes of entertainment, rather than influence. Also, these characters must have been originally created for the internet, not television, film or live theatre.

10. Forest Nymph (aka Guy Who Can’t Find His Berries)

This character has only made a few appearances on Vine, but he is not to be forgotten. The mystery of where his berries might be has us on our toes, and I can’t seem to un-watch the way he licks an orange in this vine compliation.

9. Moq (aka Julien Solomita)

If there was an award for someone who never breaks character, Julien would win in a mothaf**king landslide. Moq is always appropriately dressed for stealing the scene, and honestly I don’t seem to watch the incredible Jenna Marbles when Moq is in her videos.

8. Petunia and Giggles (Happy Tree Friends)

These cute friends have been in my life since I came across Youtube, and they have stalked my nightmares ever since. The lemonade stand skit that featured these two always has me cringing on new levels. WARNING: IT IS NOT FOR SQUEAMISH VIEWERS.

7. Gayle (aka Chris Fleming)

When I watched his most popular video “Company is Coming”, my laughter overtook my ability to stand up. I had no control. The relatable, dramatic and clever performance Fleming gives as Gayle gave me the courage to work on physical acting in my own creative process.

6. Fake Marzia (aka Pewdiepie’s editor Brad)

This one is just brilliant. If you watch Pewdiepie on a regular basis, his editors have become some what of a meme unto themselves. Moreover, when you see a guy wearing ponytails and he manages to have multiple nip-slips, you’ll wish you were dating Marzia too.

5. Carmelita (aka Jason Nash)

Another gender-bending character, Carmelita takes prostitution seriously and I couldn’t be more on board. Jason’s improv skills and commitment to embarrassing himself in the streets of Hollywood are fantastic in David Dobrik’s videos. I mean, we gotta give it to him for walking in those heels.

4. Biscuit Ballerina (aka Shelby Williams)

As a wannabe ballerina myself, this character hits so close to home. As she sickles her way through Instagram videos, I can’t help but feel her pain. And yet she performs with such grace and poise, who really cares that her alignment is totally out of wack? I just hope my ballet teachers don’t think I look like her…

And now for my Top 3!

3. Fred (aka Lucas Cruikshank)

The original Youtube icon. The teenager that sounded worse than Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. The lover of all things Judy. If you didn’t hear about this guy in 2008 you lived under a sad, dark rock. Even though the actor and creator, Lucas Cruikshank, has moved on to other types of videos, I have a soft place in my heart for Fred and his weird screams in kiddy pools. And looking back, he dealt with a lot of serious issues like a complex family life, sexuality and dental hygiene. The screaming may actually be a metaphor for how confusing male adolescence can be. Here’s a quote to get nostalgia flowing through your brain: “My mom got mad at me yesterday because I ate all of the dirt out of the vacuum cleaner.”

2. Miranda Sings (aka Colleen Ballinger)

The only still-active character to make my Top 3, Miranda’s essence has so many levels that describing her as one thing would be insulting. She would call me the rudest sinner to ever walk the world. With her iconic singing style and outlandish self-confidence, Miss Sings takes the Youtube community by its “chesticles” and demands their attention. It’s actually impossible to miss her due to her overdrawn lips and sloppy posture. I am so awed by her personality that dressed as her for Halloween once and paraded around my old high school. I felt invincible. Most notably, Miranda has an impressive list of “baes” that treat her with the utmost loyalty. As of the release of this post, her boyfriends are: Joey Graceffa, Ricky Dillon, Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, Joe Thatcher, Flula Borg, Connor Franta, and Alfie Deyes. Wow. The fact that she is able to balance all those men is astonishing. My absolute favourite video of hers is when she reacts to Ariana Grandé’s “Focus” music video. It rips me to shreds of laughter as she comments on the acclaimed singer’s technique and dance moves. Well done Colleen! Please don’t go away anytime soon.

Honourable Mentions: Tiny Mouth (Mamrie Hart), Charlie the Unicorn (Jason Steele), Shananay (Shane Dawson), Storytime Narrator (Thomas Saunders)

1. Filthy Frank (aka George Miller)

WARNING: FILTHINESS IS AT A MAXIMUM HERE. This is without a doubt the number one character on my list. It was so easy to put this a**hole at the top because Filthy Frank’s behaviour is an extremity within itself. The development of this character continues past just being an aggressive, crude, judgemental prick: All of his videos are connected into one timeline (see reddit thread explaining the theory here). He, the master behind Frank’s blunt attitude, built an empire with his channel and even though it was active for 9 years, his legacy lives on to this day. Original creator of the Harlem Shake, Filthy Frank was never afraid to speak his mind and comment on pop culture. He even used green-screen graphics so that fans could superimpose his “It’s Time to Stop” skit for memes. Although he now goes by the stage name Joji, I will always look up to his bravery to be who he wanted to be. Sometimes, the world needs to hear the truth, however offensive it may be.