Liquid poetry.

The appropriate time to spill your drink is always.

sun’s and daughters own separate blood supplies to their parents.

glow through the black tea that darkness pours against you.

at times, there cannot be maple syrup.

dinner is served with your choice of side: tears, snot, or drool.

time to get myself a a Big Gulp.

is that the only vodka you brought to Putin’s funeral? Absolutely not.

as you go to the kitchen, make sure you stop by the water cooler and tell a joke.

lovely little latte you got there, miss.

as sane as I may look, the Red Bull I drank gave my brain cells permission to fly away.

a container of urine has the ability to save your life.

cup of soup for my old man, waiter.

of course he bought the lactose-free, soy-free, nut-free, water-free milk you wanted!


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