In the zone with my head in the game

Some people rely on their technical abilities and body mechanics for dancing worth of any merit. And I understand that your body has to move properly for smooth transitions to happen and entertaining material to be produced. However, for me, I make sure to remind myself that it’s about telling a story. Pretending to be in the situation. Narrating. Acting.

Just as a musician may feel more connected to a song if they sing and play an instrument at the same time, a dance performance can include multiple disciplines of art. There is a certain energy that is transported throughout the body called vibrato electronium when a person has reached this state of mind. I am making this completely up from my own messy brain, but it makes some sense to me because I lose my anxiety when this happens. I suddenly start to become the person I am always striving to be. Is this a superpower? Not to say that I am above others… it just feels supernatural…

I can’t always summon this superficial strength because I find when I over try to develop this energy, it fails to be created. Like a Santa Claus or a period cycle, if I am waiting for it, it won’t come. Dammit. Is there a wizardry school I can go to to practice controlling my skills?

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