Today, he….

Today, he waited for me in the lobby, but I was already there. I was able to see him fiddle with his watch and I couldn’t help but love the impatient look on his face. Wanting to make him come to me, I turned around and gave him a second to find me. I stared deeply at him as we reunited and he sauntered as he stood next to me.

Me, in my navy gown. Him, in a classic tie and blazer. The ceiling shone like the lights of Broadway. We matched so perfectly.

In a natural way, his elbow bent while my hand fit into it. We walked towards the ballroom and I noticed my gait was as calm as it has ever been. I didn’t feel rushed because I knew we had all night. However, I wanted him to jump into action and sweep me off my feet. His coy smirk suggested other things, and I knew that when he looked at me, he would get lost in my eyes.

So, we didn’t make eye contact. We just strode through the lobby, in our fancy outfits, together in harmony. I was his eye candy, but he was a fox.