Today, he…

Today, he came to me with warm eyes. His hat tilted ever so slightly downwards and his gait slow and cautious. He didn’t want to disturb me but wanted so badly to talk about my eyes. Whenever he is near, I find myself singing the theme to “New York, New York” because, well, he sings it as effortlessly as a piano man follows a beat. As he made his way closer to my hips I saw the smallest smile form around his lips. He grabbed my waist and with an appropriate amount of force, his arms gathered me into his embrace. Next we were swaying and my arms came up to his neck to establish my comfort with him. It was not a struggle, just a choice that happened to be perfect. The music played from the band with the tempo of a sloth-like turtle, and we were being washed away by it. I was not anxious, I was not over-thinking things. I found a paradise and made a home in it. He suddenly pulled away to step onto the dance floor. I knew he wanted me to join and the smile transferred to my lips now as we continued our choreography. It was heaven. I took his hat off and found his eyes. We were moving mountains with just the long gaze we held. Never was there a moment where we glanced away.

As the music gradually finished, I returned his hat back to its original position. But… he sent it back to my hands. “Keep it,” he declares. And that’s the last I saw of him.


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