A love story from simpler times

This was one of the first pieces I ever wrote. It came from my mind during a creative writing course I was taking back in seventh grade. Enjoy a giddy version of me.

Aug 6, 2012


I’m in drama class with all my close friends. Perched in the middle of our acting circle is Mrs. Acting Teacher, the fun-est teacher I’ve ever had. She is explaining our new topic for this week, acting the feeling of LOVE. As usual, I’m trying to listen but I find myself thinking about him, who is on the other side of the room. The best relief I had was that faithful first day of freshmen year and the knowing that he is in my drama class. I heard Mrs. Acting Teacher trying to get my attention and snap back from my day-dream. She asks me what I think the meaning of love is and instead of laying low and joking about it, the words come out of my mouth like vomit. Eww gross. I tell her, “It’s like you’re shook up from the way someone makes you feel. You’re vulnerable, but everything always fits together when you’re with him.” The whole time, my bug-out eyes are still and focused. Mrs. Acting Teacher smirks at me and goes back to her desk demanding I tell her if I’m in love because that was just beautiful and completely exact. I know right away my cheeks are burning up and I can’t stop smiling. I mumble a very slippery “No” and hug my knees with my head hidden. Why do these things keep happening? But it’s not like I don’t enjoy a little attention. 🙂 Everyone else around me obviously doesn’t believe my excuse of a “no” and I hear scrambled dialogue of “Oh sure,” “That’s a lie!” and “She’s so in love.” And finally, the three words I hate to be present for. “SHE LIKES HIM!” Now my lunch has been ruined and I feel actual vomit coming up. He knows how to handle these moments colloquially and he speaks up for himself by saying “Aw. Do you like me, Brianna?” I’m not looking at him of course. Who would? I’m trying to defend myself but an alibi is not leaving my mouth. My best friend’s eyes and my eyes meet and I beam my thought. Help! She takes control and lawyers with “That’s not true, she told me herself.” “Then why is she blushing?” some idiot asks. Probably Dumb Kid #1. Then, my best friend, the genius, says “Who wouldn’t?” and everyone shuts up. Mrs. Acting Teacher, who realizes she made a mistake of saying that, changes the subject back to our acting assignment of the week and I go back to silently fantasizing about him. Him. He. Me. His. Mine. Someday ours.

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