Current Sexual Harassment “Trend”

I’ve been really pondering the sexual harassment “trend”¹ that we have been hearing about. Instead of being mad at the accused persons, I want to acknowledge the intense psychological impacts that are brought onto the victims and all victims of assault. Here’s goes:
Artists are the best kinds of people. Sorry, but it’s true.
1) If you ask an artist what their favourite song is, usually they will answer with, “I like all music.”
2) If you ask an artist to create something, it will never be produced half-heartedly.
3) If you tell an artist that they are not good enough to be an artist, they will most likely agree with you and will refrain from bragging about their accomplishments because have no brain capacity to do so.
4) If you were to walk up to an artist on the street, you will find that your first impression of them is that they are not a copy of someone else.
5) If you question an artist on their beliefs or values, they won’t question yours in return. 6) If you admire an artist, in all honesty, they probably admire you as well.
Thus, with all these statements I have made, the proof lies in my own relationships with other artists. A very impressive mentor of mine is Linda Garneau, and she clarifies the first and second statement with ease. The next statement, having to do with selflessness, reminds me of two people: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Julie Andrews. Further down, my good friend Kaelin Isserlin is a perfect example of someone who dresses and acts like a unique version of a human.² Statement #5 is close to my heart because when I work with certain dancers as a choreographer, I feel comfortable to create and analyze movements in a safe space. I hope that they feel the same when working with me.
The last statement has been on my mind recently, as we hear from famous actors, producer, directors, writers, dancers, singers, performers, etc (!!) about their experiences of sexual assault. If you are a true artist in you blood and soul, you would NEVER take advantage of other artists’ feelings or body. As a community, our goal as artists has been to nurture the sadness and doubt that comes with this form of expression and to push all that pain aside to grab at the hearts (and p*ssies) of other humans is just NOT fair. It brings out the dark side of Hollywood, and shows the faithful audience that making art isn’t safe anymore.
It makes me not want to be an artist. I don’t want to pursue a risky career such as Entertainment/Performance if I am destined to be treated in a indecent way. Get those circumstances out of sight from young artists.
The lesson we can gain… Teach your children, nieces/nephews or students that treating others like objects to utilize for fun is never acceptable in society. We have a vital job as a generation to put this behaviour to extinction. Now is the time.
¹I use the word trend so very carefully because it is not to say that sexual harassments are trendy in a popular kind of way. I use it to explain the frequency of sexual harassment cases popping up recently in our daily news.
²More posts about these fascinating influences in my life will come. Stay tuned.

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